Hello and welcome to Clark's Apple Orchard, LLC.! We are a you-pick orchard located at 3200 Rabbit Creek Road in South Anchorage, Alaska where rain and sunshine grow our apples! Due to increased popularity of this event, we will be selling admission tickets to the You-Pick. Please click here: MyAlaskaTix.com Our apples are $2 per pound,... Continue Reading →

Picking Dates

The Apple You-Pick opens on one or two Saturdays from 10 am to 2pm each fall. The date depends on when the apples ripen. Historically, the earliest You-Pick was on August 27th. That year was a warm summer. The latest You-Pick was on September 11th and was a result of a cool, rainy summer. Check... Continue Reading →

Orchard Etiquette

How to properly pick an Apple: GRASP the branch gently. Then lightly pull and twist the apple off. For your safety and the health of our trees, we ask that you follow a few guidelines when you are enjoying our orchard- thank you! Safety Guidelines: • Children must be supervised at all times • All participants... Continue Reading →

What apple tastes best?

Well, that really depends on you and your palate. For example, owners Randy and Sonja's tastes vary - Randy likes Westland and Norland for eating while Sonja enjoys Jersey Mac, State Fair and Sweet Sixteen. We think all of our apples are good for cooking. We've used them for applesauce, pie, cake, and chutney to... Continue Reading →

Recipes from the Orchard

From 2012 to present day apple recipes have been handed out at the apple sale. Enjoy all of these recipes from the past years! Baked Apple Butter (2012) From Sonja Arduser baked-apple-butter PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD Apx 12 pounds of apples from the orchard Cut apple meat from core, do not peel, cover with water Cook gently till... Continue Reading →

Orchard Map

All of our fruit trees mapped out here: Download your own map here: clarks-orchard-map The apple varieties we grow are listed below: Almata Antonovka Bella Vista Chinese Golden Clark/Klatt Crab Dakota Gold Goodland Gravenstein Hazen Heyer 12 Hickel Jersey Mac Keer Lodi Norland Oriole Parkland Red Dutchess Renetka Rootstock Sheepnose State Fair Sweet Sixteen Westland... Continue Reading →

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